Slow Jaggery: Its Gud To Be Back To Basics

Have you realized that some of the most effective medicines are found right in our kitchen?

Yes! With the commercialization of products and hoards of brands fighting for their attention, medicines and processed food, claiming health and goodness, started alluring us to purchase them. But the reality is quite simple and uncluttered and almost every medicinal ingredient can be found very easily in our household itself. One such magical ingredient which lost its glory in the marketing battle is the humble sweetness of jaggery!

Jaggery has held an integral part of our food habits since ancient times. Our seers and wise men understood its importance from the beginning and it had always had a silent but strong presence in our routine. 

Times changed and corporate giants started promoting unhealthy processed sweetener as a better and easier option. The iron rich jaggery, which used to be a staple dessert for all the meals was slowly replaced by unhealthy processed sweeteners. 

But finally with the trend of health is back in focus with the modest jaggery finding its deserved status back in our households. 

Often referred as ‘Superfood Sweetener’, jaggery has many health benefits. Made with the traditional method of concentrating the sugarcane juice and eventually solidifying it, jaggery is packed with calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and other essential minerals. 

Regular consumption of jaggery in moderate quantity helps in cleansing the body as it is a natural cleanser. It also helps in activating the digestive enzymes and helps in stimulating bowel movements. With a potential to purify the blood, jaggery also helps in maintaining our body temperature, thus recommended during winters. 

To bring the best quality jaggery, Slow Products took a step ahead and brings three different variants of jaggery. Slow jaggery cubes and Slow jaggery powder are loved as they are made in traditional slow cooking method, ensuring it retains its rich nutrients intact. Sow Jaggery powder can easily replace processed sweetener in any dessert or even a cup of tea. Having jaggery tea has subtle and long-term health benefits. 

Apart from the regular variants, Slow Products also bring a special Slow Jaggery cubes, with a hint of saunth in it. Saunth or Dry Ginger is another powerful medicinal ingredient. Saunth helps in digestion also recommended for weight loss and with a strong sharp taste, it also enjoys the status of a prime ingredient in chai masala.

Slow Jaggery with a hint of saunth is liked by patrons for traditional as well as innovative recipes. While the North India relishes Til Gud laddoos, Orissa has its special Pitha, Gujarati Gud Papdi is enjoyed by everyone and of course the legendary Sakkarai Pongal from Tamil Nadu has a cult status preference. Apart from the traditional recipes, even bakers have started experimenting many mouth-watering bread and muffins recipes using jaggery.

So, to be sure of the ingredient you are buying, try breaking the jaggery cubes, if it breaks easily, it probably is not pure. One can even check the purity of jaggery through its rich dark colour or crystal free texture.

To buy the pure and original Jaggery, we recommend the pure and healthy Slow Jaggery and its variants. Do try once and we guarantee you would be reminded of the traditional taste your grandmother always fed you with every meal. 

It is always gud to be back to where it all began!