• Amrut

    Net Weight: 10ml


    Ancient treatises by Sushruta and Charaka have mentioned the exceptional power and potency of certain medicinal herbs and shrubs.


    This potency was often extracted in the form of highly concentrated oils.


    These oils were used in minute proportions, that of a drop per day, to achieve exponential results in the days to come.


    Slow bazaar has brought to you, a concentrated mixture of essential oils with Bhimseni Kapoor to shield you against the seasonal infections!


    Slow “Amrut” is a perfect blend of eucalyptus oil, ajwain (carom seed) oil, pudina (mint) oil along with the Bhimseni Kapoor.


    Only one drop of “Amrut” in a cup of hot boiling water is enough for the day.


    You can inhale the steam and once it vanishes off, you can drink the water too.


    Amrut protects your lungs, nose and throat from the seasonal infections, skin ailments and calms your senses for a better peaceful sleep.


    It is highly effective once it gets into your daily bed-time routine.


    The essential oils of eucalyptus, ajwain and pudina help you in digestion, clear your chest and relieve your headaches. Bhimseni Kapoor relieves the chest congestion and suppresses cough.


    One drop a day is all you need.


    Ain’t it a doctor in a bottle?


  • Chyawanprash

    Net Weight: 500g


    Prevention is better than cure! Our elders have always believed in this philosophy and applied this for health through food, yoga and other things. Instead of falling sick and popping hundred pills, it is always advised to increase immunity and keep the body and mind strong and ready to fight any external virus. Chyawanprash is one such boon from rishi Charak, one of the chief contributors of Ayurveda.


    Sweet, tangy and extremely beneficial, Chyawanprash is a cooked concoction of various herbs and ingredients including Aam Banda, Roosa, Bel, Brahmi, Atibala, Chhoti katilee, Badi katilee, Giloy, Baheda, Harad, Amla. Dasmool, Shilajeet, Javitri, Choti Ilaichi and a few more. Every ingredient is taken in an exact proportion based on its nutrient value and other composition, which makes the concoction such a blessing for everyone.


    Regular consumption of Chyawanprash in suggested quantity helps in –

    • Boosting immunity
    • Improving digestion
    • Weight loss
    • Improving skin quality
    • Slowing ageing process


    Slow Products is happy to present this magical potion made with pure jaggery, which not just enhances the sweetness but also ensures to keep sugar levels in check. Buy your pack from Slow Bazaar today and prepare your body to stay healthier and stronger.


  • Green Tea Face Mist

    Kissa Yojoki or The Book of Tea written by the Zen priest Eisai has a detailed description of how green tea helps in the functioning of five vital organs.


    Green tea eventually crossed borders of China and found it’s root in India. It has been a boon considering its rich content of antioxidants and polyphenols.


    We have brought to you an exclusive green tea face mist for the ultimate care and touch of love your skin needed.


    Green tea facial mist balances the pH levels of skin.


    It also cleanses and hydrates your skin.


    It helps in reducing skin inflammation, swelling, and redness.


    It has been an effective remedy for many dermatological conditions.


    So when are you including the green tea face mist in your skincare routine?


  • Kawach Kadha

    Net Weight: 100gm


    Since the inception of herbal medicines in the Indian Subcontinent, kadha or kashayam has been an integral part of Ayurveda and its parallel schools.


    This ancient potent immunity booster has taken its place in Indian households sine the beginning of time but the growing unhealthy environment has brought it in fresh limelight.

    It is primarily the water decoction of a group of herbs and spices to keeping the seasonal viral and bacterial infections at bay!


    The slow “Kawach” is a group of hand-picked herbs and spices grown in their natural ecosystem keeping their potency intact. A combination of Tulsi, Mulethi, Lemongrass, Bharangi, Gul Banafsha, Dry Ginger, Maulashree, Arjun, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Black cardamom and Clove protects your body from various seasonal ailments and boosts your immunity. Along with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties, it also gives you a clear bright skin and healthy hair.


    So when are you brewing a cup of health?

    Kawach Kadha

  • Rose Water

    In ancient Middle Persia, a liquid was prepared by steeping of rose petals in water,  and was named gulaab- gul(rose) aab(water).


    The liquid eventually crossed gulf to find its varied uses in Asian and well as European and American cultures.


    From medicines to food preparations, rose water dates back even before the 12th century.


    We have traditionally prepared and packed this miraculous liquid for you to protect your skin this summer!


    Rosewater mist is highly effective in hydrating the outermost layer of skin and also reduces water loss from the skin, giving you fresh glowing skin!


    It has powerful relaxing effects on our body by reducing anxiety and stress.


    Rosewater’s natural low pH helps to balance skin pH and hence soothes and calms the skin by reducing skin irritation.


    It also sets your mood, helps you sleep better and keeps you mind calm throughout the day!


    So when are you getting your bottle of freshness?

    Rose Water

  • Tulsiprash

    Net Weight: 250g


    Tulsi, the name instantly gives the feeling of divinity and purity. Popularly known as Holy Basil, Tulsi is indeed The Incomparable One, because the benefits derived from it cannot be replaced by any other herbs or medicine. Every Indian household prefers to keep a Tulsi plant at home and nurture it.


    Our elders have always insisted on eating one Tulsi leaf every morning as the first food intake, because it improves immunity manifolds.


    Slow Products brings the same goodness of Tulsi in a magical potion of Tulsiprash. A concoction of Tulsi cooked in pure jaggery along with specific ingredients like Aam Banda, Roosa, Bel, Brahmi, Atibala, Chhoti katilee, Badi katilee, Giloy, Baheda, Harad, Amla. Dasmool, Shilajeet, Javitri, Choti Ilaichi to name a few. This potion brings all the benefits of Tulsi and much more.


    Daily intake of Tulsiprash in suggested quantity would ensure –


    • Improved immunity
    • Relief from common cough and cold
    • Better digestion


    Buy your pack today and gift your family and loved ones a blessing of lifetime health and immunity.



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