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Beauty is nothing but a reflection of your inner self.
A healthy mind in a healthy body will always give you a beautiful exterior.
Slow bazaar has brought for you a series of products made from 100% natural ingredients without any chemical preservatives.
We want you to have a complete well-being routine as nature intended.
With a wide range of pure essential oils, our special Amrut and Sweet Almond Oil you can calm, refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind. It is a stepping stone into the world of turning slow.
Since there are no chemical preservatives or additives in our products, you can be rest assured to have a completely natural experience.

20 products found in Beauty And Wellness

Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Rs. 65.00
Neem Comb
  • Rs. 160.00

Sold out

Rose Water 100 ml
  • Rs. 225.00
Coconut Oil 200 ml
  • Rs. 270.00
Copper Tongue Cleaner
  • Rs. 135.00
Bhringraj Oil 200 ml
  • Rs. 450.00
Lavender Oil 10 ml
  • Rs. 399.00
Wide Tooth Comb
  • Rs. 160.00
Green Tea Face Mist 100 ml
  • Rs. 399.00
Eucalyptus Oil 10 ml
  • Rs. 325.00
Handwoven Vetiver Body Scrubber
  • Rs. 99.00
Sweet Almond Oil
  • Rs. 645.00
Patchauli Oil
  • Rs. 399.00
Clove Oil 30 ml
  • Rs. 499.00
Orange Oil 10 ml
  • Rs. 250.00
Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Rs. 175.00
Lemongrass Oil 10 ml
  • Rs. 325.00
Peppermint Oil
  • Rs. 325.00