About Us

Sometimes it’s good to go back to where it all began. Slow Bazaar is that place where food, culture, nostalgia, good health and an unhurried lifestyle — all come together.

Slow Bazaar is owned by Slow Products, a unique enterprise that seeks to stand alongside the creator as well as the consumer. The creator could be a farmer working in the fields of a remote rural Indian farm field, or an artisan creating beautiful works of art carrying forward a tradition of generations, or an artiste painting tribal art and keeping alive a centuries-old heritage.

Slow Bazaar brings you products that carry the same promise of integrity, honesty and quality that all the creative enterprises of our founder Neelesh Misra have nurtured over the past decade. From honeys and cookies to toys and handicrafts, our effort is to bring a level of honesty, sincerity and earnestness that is reflected across everything we do.

Our growers and creators live across India, and we hope to always live up to our promise of honesty and integrity.

At Slow Bazaar, you will get access to a wide variety of organic products like varieties of honey, cookies made of pure-millets, variety of edible oils, Flax seeds, Sesame seeds, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Herbs and a lot more.

Slow Bazaar promises to offer products which are good for your health. Choosing natural, unadulterated food products over the regular ones is an effective decision for personal as well as environmental health. Our products will never have toxic chemicals and are rich in nutrition and sustainable in nature.

Slow Bazaar is an initiative to help farmers directly through the networks of Gaon Connection, India’s biggest rural media platform, and help the rural communities who create a range of products like spices, food products, handicrafts and other things raise their income and serve rural-minded consumers. We believe in promoting the makers who have exceptional skills and talent but do not get due credit or compensation for their efforts due to lack of reach and connection. And with an established network of Slow Content, we aim to give these rural artisans, a face. In the truest sense, they are our brand ambassadors.

Slow Bazaar is a part of The Slow Movement, which is a sincere effort to take you #BackToBasics — to a slower, more meaningful and rooted life.