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Our nanis and dadis rarely succumbed to seasonal infections and ailments.
Do you think ever think, why?
All they ate and consumed was always natural without any adulterants.
Slow Bazaar has brought to you an exclusive variety of edibles and beverages that do not undergo any chemical processing or do not include chemical preservatives.
We are trying to give you the most natural form of food products and beverages since we believe that no chemical can nourish you like the natural products do.
So when are switching to healthy

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Multiflower Honey
  • Rs. 280.00
Eucalyptus Honey
  • Rs. 249.00
Mustard Honey
  • Rs. 199.00
Cow Ghee
  • Rs. 949.00
Jaggery Powder
  • Rs. 120.00
Slow Cookie Box
  • Rs. 1,399.00
  • Rs. 365.00
Jaggery Chai Masala
  • Rs. 99.00
Bajra Almond Cashew Cookies
  • Rs. 249.00
Mustard Oil
  • Rs. 310.00
Oats and Millets Cookies
  • Rs. 199.00
Prebiotic Jowar Zeera Cookies
  • Rs. 199.00
Bajra Dark Chocolate Cookies
  • Rs. 199.00
Ragi Dark Chocolate Cookies
  • Rs. 199.00
  • Rs. 575.00
Olive Oil
  • Rs. 450.00
  • Rs. 399.00
Roasted Flax Seeds
  • Rs. 120.00